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In 1961, the Cabinet of Iran approved the establishment of “The Groceries and Nutrition Institute of Iran”, and its academic institute was formed as an independent body related to the Ministry of Health.

In 1964, the regulatory rules of the institute were approved by the then called “Melli University” (National University). The basic goal of establishing such an institute was to determine the general guidelines for nutrition in Iran based on investigations and research. Later in 1976, the Ex-parliament approved the establishment of NNFTRI. In line with this, in 1977, its academic institute was renamed to “the School of Nutrition and Food Industry”.

Until 1986, the NNFTRI was affiliated to the Ex-Ministry of Health, and was then affiliated to the SBMU.

In 1991, the SBMU NNFTRI was officially approved to be an independent legal body. The institute includes a school called “The School of Nutrition and Food Industry”.  

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